ASP.Net Core: 06 - Email Verification

ASP.Net Core: 06 - Email Verification

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˅˅˅ Table of Contents Below ˅˅˅

Part of a series on building the Fasetto Word back-end server using ASP.Net Core as our server.

We put all the pieces together we have worked on and finally complete the system for allowing correct and secure verification of a users email by them getting a nicely laid out HTML email to verify their email with.

Source Code:

Latest Code:

1:55 SendGrid Integration

3:02 Integrate with SendGrid WebAPI

7:39 Upgrading NuGet Packages

9:10 SendEmail method

15:22 Inject IEmailSender

20:44 Sending Test Email

31:20 SendGrid Templates

40:17 Handling Response from SendEmail

57:53 Email Template Sender

1:18:48 Send Verify Email Method

1:27:21 Handling Verify Email Link